Conserve and Reuse with Hillsborough County Water Resource Services

Realizing the need to protect local and regional water resources, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners and the County Administrator created the Water Resource Team. The team is made up of a number of water resource professionals who guide the county in making water decisions. Recently, this team joined with the County’s Water Department  to form Water Resource Services, a department that will fully manage the natural resources, as well as the potable and reclaimed water resource systems in Hillsborough.

Water Resource Services and the Water Resources Team have worked hard to educate county residents about what they can do to save water. Starting in 1990, Hillsborough County implemented an innovative and aggressive water conservation program that has resulted in significant water savings. An analysis completed by the Water resource Services estimates that the County has since saved approximately 15.2 million gallons per day of water. To learn more about what you can do to conserve water click here.

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Two of the most effective ways to save our precious water resources and protect the environment is through conservation and the use of reclaimed water for irrigation purposes.  Outdoor use of water makes up as much as 50 percent of a household’s use of water.  By utilizing reclaimed water for lawns and landscaping Hillsborough County reduces and prioritizes the use of drinkable water for indoor human needs. Due to the use of reclaimed water by homeowners, businesses and schools, Hillsborough County has maintained a per capita rate for water (average per person) use lower than many of the counties within the region. The county had stayed well below SWFWMD required per capita rates for the Water Use Caution Areas.

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Reclaimed water is water that has already been used, treated to a high level of quality and made available again for new beneficial uses. Reclaimed water in Hillsborough is good for irrigation, car washing, cooling water at power plants, and other uses. The water is delivered to homes and businesses through an underground distribution system entirely separate from the drinking water system. To learn how you can obtain reclaimed water service in your area, click here.



Throughout this website, you’ll have the opportunity to play small videos of people who were involved in shaping Tampa Bay’s water policy. They include activists, elected officials, lawyers and experts. All of them were involved in what is called, “Tampa Bay’s Water Wars.” We thought you’d like to hear what they have to say in their own words. We think you’ll appreciate their very different perspectives.

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