Welcome to HillsboroughWaterWorks.com

This website was funded by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners to educate citizens on the challenges associated with the responsible development and use of our water resources. This public education effort enables residents to understand the significant role they play in the management of our water resources. From participating in personal water use conservation to becoming engaged in the regional water supply development decisions, you can ensure our environment and quality of life is protected for generations to come.

With the cost of everything rising so rapidly, it’s hard to put water in the right context. We often take our water resources for granted. We appreciate our time at the beach, fishing our fabulous lakes, boating and floating. But we generally don’t make a direct connection between our recreational water and our drinking water. But it’s there. This website is meant to help make that connection. We want visitors to understand that there’s a very real link between the water we play in, the water we drink and the environment that sustains both. Here, you’ll find how the Tampa Bay region came to manage water together, what Hillsborough County is doing, and how you fit into the water management puzzle. Join our newsletter. Stay informed. Help protect our water resources.


Throughout this website, you’ll have the opportunity to play small videos of people who were involved in shaping Tampa Bay’s water policy. They include activists, elected officials, lawyers and experts. All of them were involved in what is called, “Tampa Bay’s Water Wars.” We thought you’d like to hear what they have to say in their own words. We think you’ll appreciate their very different perspectives.

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